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*Semi-long rant ho!* (BTW, I’d love to get some feedback about this!)

Pablo won the TV Award for Best Guest Actor In a Comedy for his role as George “Pornstache” Mendez on Orange Is the New Black. He’s actually won a handful of awards for his role as Pornstache, as a lot of us already know.

And I’m ashamed to say that I have mixed feelings about that… .-___-

First and foremost, the man can flat out act is ass off. No question about that. I’ve watched about 80% of everything he’s ever made an appearance in since roughly the year 2003 and he’s honestly caused me to change my entire perspective on the field of acting. Also, Mendez is my favorite male character on OITNB, and in my opinion the most entertaining male character on that show to watch, period. Pablo somehow managed to convey a perfect blend of being a total disgusting sleazeball with being annoyingly hilarious and I think that’s why that character has such a big fan base.

However, I guess I’m having trouble understanding why Pablo’s getting all of this praise and recognition for playing Mendez, and not nearly as much recognition for his painfully, almost abusively captivating portrayal (that’s the nicest way I can put it) as the raging psychopath William Lewis on Law and Order: SVU. I truly feel that his performances as Lewis on SVU outshined his performance as Mendez and based on events that have happened over the past several months, more people seem to think the opposite is true.

Maybe because I feel like Lewis was far more terrifying than Mendez who although could be intimidating at times, he was clearly intentionally written as having more humorous undertones, and I saw him more as just an insecure, morally-corrupt schmuck who showed occasional signs of being capable of some humanity whenever he had the “right motivation” to do so. I think that made the audience slightly sympathize with that character. 

Meanwhile, there’s absolutely nothing funny about William Lewis. I get the feeling that that made him more challenging for Pablo to play which in turn speaks more to his dedication and integrity to making sure that the audience felt absolutely NO sympathy for that character whatsoever from start to finish (and he definitely succeeded).

I don’t know… .I guess I’m just not understanding how there seems to be an unbalance between the amount of attention one character is getting over the other. I mean both characters got their official debut at about the same time (Summer 2013). Pablo was billed as only a guest star for both shows, and even though he appeared in more episodes in OITNB it seems to me like he got more actual screen time on SVU. Did more people watch OITNB on Netflix than the people who watched season 15 of SVU? Were people less comfortable with watching him as Lewis than as Mendez? Or do people really feel that Pablo’s performance as Mendez surpassed his performance as Lewis?

I’m not pissed, just kind of confused. To be fair, I realize that to a certain degree, it’s Hollywood/entertainment “big-wigs” who have picked one character over the other and actual TV viewers don’t necessarily get to cast their own vote or say-so in the matter.

In my mind, where Pablo hit a home-run with his delivery as Mendez, he knocked the ball completely out of the park with Lewis. But I’m also thankful that while these 2 particular characters have definitely help to boost Pablo’s career, these 2 characters that happened to come about at the same time won’t indefinitely define his career. Pablo seems to be taking all of this recent attention (both positive and negative) all in stride and he’s made it clear that he’s got a lot more in store for his fans :-)

That one time I wrote a semi-long rant…and then totally forgot about it a week later…>_<

This is all SO TRUE. And honestly, I believe he feels much the same way, if for no other reason than that he always, ALWAYS brings up William Lewis & Warren Leight & SVU any time he’s on TV or at an awards show for anything to do with OITNB & Pornstache. He doesn’t want people to forget his role in the Save Benson Saga anymore than we do.


*sigh* It would’ve done my mind and my heart so much good to see these two at the Emmys together this year. Like, just imagine them posing for the cameras together on the red carpet; these two gorgeous and talented so-n-so’s.

Her winning Best Lead Actress in a Drama. Him winning Best Guest Actor in a Drama.

Then cut to me doing every dance from the moonwalk to the running man in my front yard.

What she said.

King Triton is a racist, abusive dick


I’m sure I could post at great length to support my above thesis, but allow me to give one blatant example to support two salient points: 1) King Triton is highly racist against humans; 2) King Triton is emotionally and mentally abusive and borderline physically abusive of his daughter, Ariel.

Ariel’s treasure cave.

This is where Ariel stores all of the human artifacts she comes across, wishing that someday she would be able to walk among humans and actually see and use these artifacts in their appropriate contexts.

Then, King Triton shows up. He CLEARLY hates humans and everything having to do with them. Why, we don’t know, because neither he nor the film deigns to explain. Was Ariel’s mother killed by a human? Do humans have a vast trade in trafficking merfolk fins? We simply don’t know. All we know is that King Triton has a strong bias against humans.

But it’s not bad enough that he’s biased and doesn’t want his daughter to have anything to do with them. No, when he shows up in her treasure cave and sees that she has a bunch of human artifacts, he DESTROYS IT. He takes his trident, and using his magical mer-god powers, blasts her prized collection to smithereens.

Because, y’know, nothing tells your daughter how much you love her like destroying her possessions and absolutely terrifying her.

In conclusion, King Triton is a racist, abusive dick.

Ladies & gentlemen, my brother.


Happy Birthday to you~

Happy Birthday to you~

Happy Birthday youmiserablespawnofsatanIhopeyourotinhellOliviashouldhavecarvedyoureyesoutwithahotspoonwhenshehadthechanceyouwastedsackoffleshyoucoudhaveactuallydonesomethingusefulinsteadofdedicatingyourentirelifetobeingacolossalasshat~

Happy Birthday to you~

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