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Intro to the Young Hollywood Awards! LOVE IT! 😂👨🍊👅




Never thought his eyes were actually possibly green until this picture. Always figured it was an editing trick. Now? I think he may very well have eyes that change color. Which makes him/them that much more attractive in my book. **sigh** 😍

I’ve come to the conclusion that his eyes are some mutation-mix of yellow, green and brown…I’m seriously looking at the bottom photo now and I definitely spot 3 different colors. But more importantly… .HIS EYES HAVE FRECKLES TOO!! Just like the rest of him!! LOL

Someone on Twitter recently mentioned that Pablo had “specks” in the irises of his eyes  and I didn’t quite understand what that meant because I never noticed it before!! X-P I’ve never seen anyone with eyes like that before…you almost can’t look away…*___*

Yes, OMG. I LOVE his “eye freckles”!!!! (That’s the best term I’ve ever seen for them, btw, lol!) I hate when they get edited out of pictures. He is just a freckly guy, through and through, and that makes me happy. 😊

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